PurposePark bench at Reservoir

The Buildings and Grounds Department plants new trees as replacements of trees that have been taken down. We also celebrate Arbor Day every year by planting multiple trees throughout the town.

The Southern Pines Garden Club generously donates the funding for these trees every year, as well as the lovely plants that decorate the Campbell House. The town has been designated a Tree City USA since 1979.

The Buildings and Grounds Department handles all questions, requests, and maintenance for trees town properties and rights-of-way. Please contact buildings and grounds to determine whether a tree is on a right-of-way.

If the tree is in the right-of-way and is a hazard to public safety (such as a sight hindrance at an intersection), buildings and grounds will take full responsibility for removing or trimming the tree.

Tree Removal Permit Application

Before removing any tree on the right-of-way, you must apply for a Tree Removal Permit from buildings and grounds. Buildings and grounds, in conjunction with the Appearance Commission, normally reviews 12-20 applications per year.

Significant Trees Program

Through the Significant Trees Program, the town has identified 100 trees in Southern Pines that are important for our history and environment because of their age, beauty, or rarity. We also sponsor the TREEmendous Trees of Southern Pines Program, to continue to honor our special trees and those who maintain them.

Please complete a Tree Award Nomination Form if you have a tree to recommend.

Significant Trees in Southern Pines

The idea for a publication originated out of the desire of the Southern Pines Appearance Commission and the Southern Pines Buildings and Grounds Department to raise public awareness of the importance of trees in the Southern Pines urban forest, many having reached the significant classification by virtue of their age and/or size.

Southern Pines has evolved from a natural state with trees being a calling card to the many guests and residents alike who understand the beauty and economic importance of the town which is a resort area attracting many visitors.

Included in our publication are two most interesting trees, one being the Second Largest Long Leaf Pine in North Carolina (#12) and the other is the Oldest Known Living Long Leaf Pine in America whose age is 460 years (#13), both of which are located on the Weymouth Center grounds, East Connecticut Avenue.


The town greatly appreciates the involvement of our residents in helping to keep Southern Pines a beautiful place. If you or your organization would like to adopt a street, please fill out the appropriate information and send it to the Appearance Commission for approval.

Christmas Trees

The town enjoys celebrating the holiday season every year by creating a festive atmosphere throughout the community. Buildings and grounds installs over 100 Christmas trees, including three large trees, around town at the start of the season and supplies the power and maintenance for the trees.

Please contact the Southern Pines Business Association for information on purchasing a tree to decorate. In addition to the trees, we also provide holiday and year-round banners to ornament the town.