Trees of Southern Pines

Significant Trees in Southern Pines

The idea for a publication originated out of the desire of the Southern Pines Appearance Commission and the Southern Pines Buildings and Grounds Department to raise public awareness of the importance of trees in the Southern Pines urban forest, many having reached the significant classification by virtue of their age and/or size.

Southern Pines has evolved from a natural state with trees being a calling card to the many guests and residents alike who understand the beauty and economic importance of the town which is a resort area attracting many visitors.

Included in our publication are two most interesting trees, one being the Second Largest Long Leaf Pine in North Carolina (#12) and the other is the Oldest Known Living Long Leaf Pine in America whose age is 460 years (#13), both of which are located on the Weymouth Center grounds, East Connecticut Avenue.

Live Oaks at Campbell House