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Smart Lockers Survey

  1. Thank You!
    Thank you for helping the library test its newest technology, our 24/7 Smart Lockers! Please complete the survey below to tell us about your experience using the holds lockers. Participation in this survey is optional. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. How easy was it to place your items on hold for pickup at the Smart Lockers?
  3. How easy was it to retrieve your items from the Smart Lockers?
  4. Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience using the Smart Lockers?
  5. How likely are you to recommend the Smart Lockers to others?
  6. Thank you for your feedback!
    You are invited to join us for the ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 25th at 4 PM to celebrate the official opening of the SPARK 24/7 Library! Thank you for being a patron of the Southern Pines Public Library!
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