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Smoke Alarm Request

  1. Image of Southern Pines Fire Patch Rendering small_burned
  2. The members of the Southern Pines Fire Department would like to assist you in making your home as safe as possible. Free smoke alarms and alarm batteries are available for installation by SPFD members in residential homes located in the Town of Southern Pines. Members of our department will visit the home to install or test the alarms to help ensure they are functioning properly. If you need a smoke alarm for your home please complete the information listed below. If you do not reside within the Town of Southern Pines please contact your local fire department to inquire about their smoke alarm program.

    Please note that if you are renting your home the landlord is required to provide you with a working smoke alarm(s) upon initial move-in and replace defective alarms. It is your responsibility to notify the landlord of missing or defective alarms. If you live outside of the Town of Southern Pines, please contact your local fire department to request a smoke alarm or battery. 

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    How many children reside in the home in each age group?

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    How many adults reside in the home in each age group?

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