How to Obtain Copies of Police Reports

If a police incident report or accident report is a public record, a copy of your report can be obtained by visiting, or the Southern Pines Police Department located at 450 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Southern Pines, NC  28387.  


The Southern Pines Police Department reports crime and traffic stop statistics monthly to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). Crime statistics for municipalities state-wide, including Southern Pines, are available from the SBI website. Traffic stop statistics are also available from the SBI.

Internal Affairs Data

Shown below are the Southern Pines Police Department’s Internal Investigation results for the noted year. SPPD strives to ensure the integrity of their employees and transparency when ensuring that policies, procedures, laws, rules and regulations are followed by all members of the department. It is the goal of the SPPD to provide professional service to its citizens in an ethical, moral and legal manner with emphasis on mutual respect and adhering to a higher level or moral conduct personally and professionally.

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Citizen Complaint 1 
Sustained 1
Not Sustained 0
Unfounded 0  
Exonerated 0



Directed Complaint12 
Not Sustained 0 
Unfounded 0  
Exonerated 0  
Other 1