Claiming Property

Property that is classified as “found property” or “property for safekeeping” (with the exception of firearms) may be claimed, with proper proof of ownership, by appointment at the Southern Pines Police Department. Items classified as “evidence” can only be disposed of following the court case with authorization of the Office of the District Attorney or upon a court order.

Other property must be held for a period of time, depending on the type of property. Found property, with the exception of firearms and contraband, must be held for 90 days. If you are the “finder” and wish to claim the property after that time (presuming the rightful owner has not already claimed it), you will be contacted by the property technician with further instructions.

Property that has been unclaimed by the rightful owner will be disposed of by releasing it to the finder (if a claim was made when the property was found), destruction, donation, or public auction. The Southern Pines Police Department conducts public auctions through Property Room.

Contact the property technician by calling 910-692-2732.