The Southern Pines Fire and Rescue Department provides a high level of protection to the citizens of Southern Pines and the Pines Fire District with the current apparatus we have.


Brush 818Brush 818 is a 2002 Ford F-450 that carries 292 gallons of water and eight gallons of Class A Foam. 818 responds first due on woods and grass fires along with downed power lines and arcing transformers.

Engine 811Engine 811 is a 1998 KME Pumper Tanker that has a 1,250 GPM Waterous Pump and 1,000 gallon booster tank. Engine 811 currently serves as the department’s reserve engine, but responds to mutual aid fire alarms and structure fires and assists with many of the fire prevention programs.

Engine 812
Engine 812 is a 2014 Pierce Impel Pumper Tanker that has a 1,500 GPM Waterous Pump with a 1000 booster tank. Engine 812 currently serves as one of the department’s first out apparatus. Along with an arsenal of firefighting equipment, Engine 812 carries Hurst equipment, ropes, a light tower and other specialty equipment needed for complex incidents.

Engine 813
Engine 813 is a 2005 Ferrara (HME cab) that has a 1,500 GPM Waterous Pump with a 1000 booster water tank. Engine 813 also serves as one of the primary response engines as it carries complimentary equipment as Engine 812.

Tanker 816
Tanker 816 is a 2011 Kenworth with a 500 GPM Hale pump. Tanker 816 is equipped with a 3,500 gallon drop tank that is deployed where there are no hydrants. Capable of supporting fire suppression activities, Tanker 816 carries 3,000 gallons of water on board.

Ladder 81Ladder 81 is a 2006 Pierce Arrow XT that serves as the department’s quint. Ladder 81 has a rear mount 105’ stick and carries over another 100’ of ground ladders. Ladder 81 also has a 2000 GPM pump with a 400 gallon booster water tank. Ladder 81 assists the primary engines with structure fires, sprinkler activations, high, low and confined space rescue calls.
819Heavy Rescue
Rescue 819 is a 2015 Pierce Impel that supports the many aspects of both the fire department and the town. 819 not only carries supporting equipment to firefighting activities, but also provides the specialty equipment needed in vehicle extrications, high and low angle rescues, confined space and trench rescue training and incidents.

Squad 81Squad 81 is a 2012 Chevy Suburban that is mainly utilized to respond to emergency medical calls. It carries a multitude of medical equipment to assist with basic life support as well as the ability to assist with extrication of patients from individuals injured in the surrounding parks and walking trails. Squad 81 also acts as a support vehicle for traffic accidents and a command vehicle during complex incidents.