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1. Before I dig on my property how do I get my utilities located or marked?
2. How do I get a driveway/erosion and sediment control/water and sewer service form?
3. How do I find out if water and sewer is available at or near my property; and if it's not, how do I get the line extended?
4. What streets does the town maintain?
5. Which streets does the town sweep?
6. Who do I call for questions or problems regarding my garbage or recycling services?
7. How can I apply for my recycling to be picked up on the front porch?
8. How do I dispose of electronics such as televisions or computers?
9. What are my scheduled pick-up days for garbage and recycling?
10. How often does yard waste get picked up?
11. What size must tree limbs be in order to be picked up?
12. How do I report a pothole?
13. How do I get the ditches in my neighborhood cleaned out so it doesn't flood when it rains?
14. What do I do if I see a dead animal on the road?
15. Who should I call if I have a sewer backup?
16. What if I have a water main break or sewer backup after hours?
17. What's a sewer backup?
18. What is a water main break?
19. What if it's after hours and I find out my water has been cut off?
20. What if I have an issue with my water bill?
21. How do I apply for a new water and/or sewer taps?
22. Where do I pay my water bill?
23. How do I report concerns about sight hindrances, mowing on Town property, or tree issues?