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Campbell House


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Campbell House

Campbell House is located in beautiful Campbell House Park on Connecticut Avenue.  The Campbell House is the home of the Southern Pines Recreation and Parks Office, the Arts Council of Moore County gallery showrooms and an office of the Boys Scouts of America.  This beautifully landscaped property is the site of many outdoor weddings and events and is included in the annual House and Garden Tour. The park features a playground, basketball court, picnic tables, a t-ball field with bleachers, a golf practice area and acres of open space. The Train House community center is used for adult and youth programs and is available to reserve($).

Some History

 The historic property was given to the Town of Southern Pines by major and Mrs. WD Campbell in 1966 for the "cultural and social enrichment of the community."  The core of the house was part of the original Boyd home, built in 1903 on the site of the present Weymouth Center. In the early 20's, portions of the original house were moved across the street to become Jack Boyd's home.  The Boyd brothers introduced fox-hunting in the area, and after serving in World War I and II, sold the property to Major Campbell in 1946. Major Campbell had the home faced with valuable old ballast brick from Charleston, SC and created the formal landscaping of the 14 acre property. Major Campbell also built the 65' Train House, located next to Campbell House, to house his model trains. 

Renting Campbell House for Events

The Arts Council of Moore County rents their gallery rooms in Campbell House for events.  Please see ACMC or call 910-692-2787.