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Southern Pines Public Library Extended Services

  1. The Southern Pines Public Library would appreciate your help in planning for extended services that may be of interest to you. Please take just a few moments to complete this survey.

  2. 1) Do you have a current Southern Pines Library card?

  3. 2) On average, how often do you visit the Library?

  4. 4) If offered closer (within 2 miles) to your residence, would you be interested using these library services:

    Programs / Classes / Storytimes (check all that apply)

  5. 4a) Additional Service

    24 x 7 Borrowing and returning of materials (check all that apply)

  6. 7) Tell us a little about yourself:

  7. Age

  8. Gender

  9. How many members of your household?

  10. Age of children in your household?

  11. Are you a resident of the Town of Southern Pines?

  12. **If contact information is provided, you will receive updates on the Extended Services project.**

  13. Thank you!

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