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Gentle Storytime Program Registration

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  2. Gentle Storytime will be held on Sunday, November 14th, at 3:30 PM, with an optional Free Play period from 3:00 - 3:30 PM.

    Public libraries can be a powerful partner in education, socialization, and literacy for families with children on the autism spectrum or with multi-sensory needs. Southern Pines Public Library's Sensory Storytimes and their impact on these families is an example of a library rethinking its approach to being a welcoming and inclusive venue.

    Our goals for this storytime are to:

    -Provide free, inclusive, interactive programming that welcomes children of all abilities ages 3-8

    -Combine books, songs, movement, and integrative activities into a program that stimulates the five senses

    -Offer children a variety of ways to process the information being presented

    -Connect families with community organizations that offer services and resources for families of children with autism and sensory integration challenges

    Tell us about your child! These questions help us prepare our Gentle Storytime Themes and get to know you and your family:

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  4. This program will be held Sunday, November 14th, at 3:30 PM. Please check the box below to indicate that you understand the dates and times of the program:*
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