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Train House


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Train House

Train House is a 65' community building originally built by Major WD Campbell to house his model trains, given to the Town of Southern Pines along with Campbell House and the 14 acre landscaped grounds in 1966 to be used for the "cultural and social enrichment of the community."

Train House is located next to Campbell House in Campbell House Park and is used for youth recreation programs such as day camp, after school and adult programs such as CPR training. There is plenty of parking, a stage area, restrooms and tables and chairs.  The facility is handicap accessible. Campbell House Park amenities include playground equipment, a basketball court, a bicycle repair station, a golf practice area, picnic tables, a t-ball field and acres of open green-space.

The Train House is available to reserve ($) for public and private events.  See Community Centers or call 910-692-2463 for more information.