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Sandhurst Park

Admission Fee



  1. Available to Reserve($)
  2. Greenspace / Open Play Area
  3. Picnic Tables with Grills - Outdoor
  4. Playground Equipment
  5. Restrooms

Sandhurst Park

Sandhurst is a 4-acre neighborhood park located at the corner of East Indiana and South Bethesda. Amenities include playground equipment, a toddler swing, rock climbing wall, picnic shelter with grill, bathrooms and lots of open greenspace for family fun. Parking is limited.

 Facility Rental / Reservation

The covered picnic shelter is available for reservation ($) for your private events such as a family picnic or birthday party.  See Picnic Shelters for more information. 

 Leash and Clean Up After Pets

Ordinance 99-12"It shall be unlawful for any animal's owner to allow or permit a dog or other animal to run at large in any park or recreation facility except at a designated off-leash facility/dog park." For information on our off leash dog park: Martin Park

Town of Southern Pines is Alcohol & Tobacco Free

Tobacco and Nicotine Vapor ordinance prohibits the use of Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Products in Town Parks, Greenways, and Outdoor Athletic Facilities. Use of Alcohol is prohibited on all town property.