Library Card

How do I get a library card?

Getting a library card is easy!

You will need a photo ID and proof of residency to obtain a library card. A valid driver's license, utility bill, or tax notice with your name and current street address are acceptable to prove residency. After an application form is completed, the card will be issued and may be used immediately.

Residents of the town of Southern Pines can obtain a library card free of charge.

What if I live outside the town limits of Southern Pines?

Southern Pines residents support the library through their taxes. Nonresidents pay a fee for a library card that approximates what residents pay annually per capita through taxes. Four options exist for purchasing a membership (fees adjusted every October):

  • Full Access Card - for use of the full collection and services
    • $60 for 12 months
    • $30 dollars for 6 months
  • Limited Access Card - for use of the juvenile and young adult collection and services
    • $20 for 12 months
    • $10 for 6 months

Can I get a library card online?

The library offers an eCard Registration that allows access to the library's online resources for 30 days upon registration.

After the 30 day period ends, you will need to come to the library to verify your address and/or pay associated fees to continue to access library resources.