Water & Sewer

The Town of Southern Pines Utilities Division provides water distribution and sanitary sewer collection to over 10,000 service connections and a service population of approximately 14,500 citizens. We also provide purchased water to Moore County, Whispering Pines, and Camp Mackall.


Provide superior drinking water and sanitary sewer services to our customers while protecting public health and enriching the economic, environmental and social charm of our communities.

Please visit our Billing & Collections for information regarding water & sewer account information.

For water quality matters contact the Water Plant.


For scheduled or emergency road closures or utility outages, click here.


The only things that should go into the sanitary sewer is approved liquids and human waste. All solids such as food, grease, feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, diapers, etc. should be placed in normal trash. These items cause premature sewer equipment failure, increased system maintenance, and emergency blockages, which all consume valuable Town resources.  What NOT to flush!!

Obstructions in the sewer service from the property line to the sewer main are the responsibility of the customer, unless caused by roots in the right-of-way or pipe failure. Call the Town to help make this determination.


Easements provide the Town access, on private property, to inspect, maintain, and repair our public utilities, such as water and sewer lines and infrastructure. Easements must be maintained to be free from obstructions that would limit access and complicate repairs. Learn more about our easement maintenance & rehabilitation program.


All irrigation systems connected to Town water supply must have an approved backflow prevention device installed. That device must be installed and maintained by a certified backflow tester.

Please review our Backflow Prevention FAQs on backflow requirements. We also provide a list of local testers that can install, maintain, and test backflow devices.



Customers are allowed to fill large containers via our bulk water hydrant. It is located near the Public Works office at 801 SE Service Rd.

It is a metered and locked connection, and customers are required to sign in and log the water volume acquired. Billing information is required to be on file with Public Works before customers will be allowed access to the fill hydrant.

Billing will be in accordance with current in-Town bulk water rates.


Public Works Utilities has three (3) hydrant meters that allow on-site bulk water use. Available meters may be loaned to customers providing contact and billing information at the discretion of the Town.

Billing will be in accordance with in or out-of-Town bulk water rates, depending on point of use.

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