Trash, Recycling & Yard Debris

TODAY'S COLLECTION STATUS:   All Trash, and yard debris routes are currently on schedule.

If your items were placed at the curb before 7am and your collection was missed, please call us at 910-693-4183.

Important Note About Trash and Recycling Collection

As of Monday, July 3, 2023, "back door" collection ended and both garbage cans and recycling bins must be placed at the curb for collection. 

For any questions or concerns regarding Trash and Recycling please call 910-693-4183. 

What if I am unable to physically bring my trash and recycling to the curb?

If you have a medical condition or physical restriction and do not live with someone who can bring your trash and recycling to the curb, we can approve a medical exemption and collect your garbage and recycling near your home. 

The curbside collection exemption applies to garbage and recycling only. Yard debris, bulky items, and white goods must be placed at the curb for collection.

This service is provided at no additional charge to the resident.

If I am above a certain age, do I automatically receive an exemption from curbside collection?

No. We approve exemptions based on medical condition or physical restrictions, regardless of one's age.

How do I apply for a medical exemption from curbside collection?

Complete this form and submit it to the Town for review. There are two sections, one to be completed by the resident and one by the resident's doctor. Return the form by mail or in-person to:

Town of Southern Pines
Attn: Solid Waste Collection Exemption
801 SE Service Rd.
Southern Pines, NC 28387

If you don't have access to a printer, we're happy to provide a copy of the form. Please contact us:
By phone at 910-693-4183
By email
Stop in one of these buildings:
Community Development, 801 SE Service Road (behind the Boys & Girls Club)
Finance/Utility Billing, 180 SW Broad Street (next to the post office)

If I receive a medical exemption, how will my collection work?

Place your garbage and recycling receptacles no later than 6am on your scheduled collection day in the following manner:

  • Receptacles must be in front of or beside the home. They may only be located behind the home if the standard collection route is via a rear alley.
  • Clearly visible from the street or alley. 
  • Access must be convenient and safe for the hauler. Receptacles will not be collected if they are in a fenced area, in a carport or garage, or in an otherwise enclosed or inaccessible area.
  • Vehicles shall be parked so they do not hinder access to the receptacles.
  • If the receptacle(s) is not placed in this manner, the hauler will be unable to collect the garbage and/or recycling. The hauler will return at the next regularly scheduled collection and the resident will not be eligible for a “missed collection” recall.

The Town will collect a maximum of one receptacle each for garbage and recycling per scheduled collection. All items must be placed in a receptacle; loose items will not be collected.

If your receptacle(s) has wheels, they must be maintained in good working condition so they can be rolled to the curb and back. 

The hauler will return the receptacle(s) to the location where it was originally placed.

The resident’s property must be maintained in a manner so that the hauler is not exposed to unreasonable hazards. Examples include, but are not limited to, vicious animals that are loose or tethered near the receptacles, trip or slip hazards, and similar. If the hauler repeatedly experiences these hazards, the Town will inform the resident in writing of the required improvements. If the resident fails to correct the hazards in a timely manner, the Town may suspend or rescind the exemption.

The curbside collection exemption applies to garbage and recycling only. Yard debris, bulky items, and white goods must be placed at the curb for collection.

This service is provided at no additional charge to the resident.

If I already have an approved medical exemption, do I need to re-apply?

Exemptions are approved for a maximum period of 12 months. If you need to extend your exemption, please submit an application at least 30 days before your current exemption expires. To verify your current status, please call 910-693-4183 or send us an email

Are short-term medical exemptions available?

Yes! If you have a temporary medical condition or physical restriction, i.e. an injury or recovery from a medical procedure, we will authorize a temporary exemption if you meet the other criteria. Please submit the form as directed above.

Can I use my own trash can?

Yes! Or, if you would like a rolling cart to make curbside collection easier, we can deliver a free 95-gallon cart. To request a cart, please call 910-693-4183 or send us an email

Town of Southern Pines Solid Waste Collection 

The Town of Southern Pines contracts with GFL to provide:

  • Curbside garbage collection for homes and small commercial businesses: once a week
  • Yard waste collection: every two weeks, same day as garbage and recycling collection
  • Curbside recycling: once a week
  • Bulky item collection: once a week. Requires an advanced call to 866-423-4122.
  • Dumpster service for apartments

Garbage Collection 

What type of garbage is collected in Southern Pines?

The Town collects standard, household waste such as solid waste, animal and plant materials from the preparation or consumption of food, and general refuse from day-to-day activities. All waste must be in a bag that weights 40 pounds or less and is strong enough to contain the contents. All bags are supplied by the customer.

You may use your own garbage cart or one supplied by the Town. Please call us at 910-693-4183 to have a can delivered by the Town.

How do I dispose of other items?

  • Bulk waste and discarded appliances/parts
    • Bulk waste means furniture, mattresses, bedding, plumbing fixtures, ceramics, and other items too large to place in the garbage carts. 
    • Discarded appliances, also called white goods, includes household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, ranges, washers, dryers, and similar, as well as discarded parts from these items.
    • Bulk waste and white goods can be picked up on a separate route, a maximum of one collection per week. Residents must call ahead to schedule this collection at 866-423-4122. This service is not available for commercial locations.
    • The Town collects a maximum of 3 cubic yards per home per week for bulk waste and/or white goods. If you have a larger volume, you will need to haul your items to a Moore County collection site or split your items into multiple pickups.  
    • Bulk waste or white goods may be placed at the curb a maximum of 24 hours before the scheduled collection.
  • The Town does not collect construction or demolition debris. These items can be disposed at one of the Moore County collection sites. If these items are found mixed with household garbage, the entire collection will be rejected.
  • North Carolina state law prohibits the disposal of televisions, computer equipment, and other electronics in the garbage or bulk waste collections. Moore County accepts electronics at their collection sites.

Other Important Information

  • Residents can find out their scheduled pick up day by using the Garbage Schedule Map or by using the interactive map on the town's GIS site.
  • Residents may call 866-423-4122 for collection of bulky items and white goods.
  • The Town will provide 95 gallon roll-out containers for garbage collection. Call 693-4183 to obtain your free cart or recycling bin.
  • Cart placement for curbside pickup
  • If you come across a small dead animal (10 pounds or less) in the roadway, please call 866-423-4122 and this will be picked up with the garbage route. 
  • The two Moore County collection sites closest to Southern Pines are:
    • 5361 U.S. Highway 15-501, Carthage (near Hillcrest Park and the intersection of 15-501/22)
    • 456 Turning Leaf Way, Aberdeen (off Hwy. 5)


What can I recycle curbside in Southern Pines?

  • PLASTIC RECYCLING: Includes all CLEANED plastic bottles and jars #1 to #7: soft drink bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, FLATTENED cartons, etc. 
  • METAL RECYCLING: Includes CLEANED aluminum cans, pie and baking pans, tin cans, steel food containers, EMPTY aerosol cans, and lids. Metal beverage cans, baking tins, foil, and food containers are also included in this material category. All items must be CLEAN OF FOOD.
  • CARDBOARD RECYCLING: Includes corrugated cardboard, shipping boxes, cereal and dry food boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, moving boxes, detergent boxes, soda/beer cartons, and paper towel/toilet tissue rolls. All boxes MUST BE FLATTENED for proper disposal.
  • PAPER RECYCLING: Includes newspapers, inserts, labels, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, manila folders, letterhead, notebook paper (no backings), computer paper, envelopes (with windows), coupon books, index cards, calendars, and brown paper bags.

What is NOT ACCEPTED for curbside recycling in Southern Pines?

  • Glass of any type
  • Styrofoam
  • Containers that held hazardous materials or chemicals
  • Shredded paper
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic "clam shell" containers
  • Ceramics or dishes
  • Scrap metal
  • Electronics, including TVs, computers, monitors, and similar

Where do I take other items that are not collected at the curb?

Southern Pines residents and property owners may take items not accepted for curbside collection to one of the Moore County collection sites. For more details on what is accepted as well as locations and hours, please see the Moore County Solid Waste website

Moore County's Glass Recycling Program

Yard Waste

  • Residents can find out their scheduled pick up day by using the Yard Debris Schedule Map or by using the interactive map on the town's GIS site.
  • Due to landfill disposal regulations, piles of yard trash contaminated with plastics, paper, cardboard, etc. cannot be collected.
  • It is the residents' responsibility to see that this debris is properly placed at the curb for collection.
  • No material, such as trees, shrubbery, or underbrush resulting from the clearing of vacant land, will be picked up by the town.
  • Piles of trash on the roadway or too near the travel lane often times create traffic hazards.
  • Please do not place debris on the roadway, gutters or roadside ditches.
  • The Town of Southern Pines provides for the collection of leaves, limbs and yard clippings approximately once every two weeks on the same day as garbage and recycling collection for residential locations only.
  • The town will not be responsible for collecting more than three cubic yards of yard waste from any one location.
  • Trash in gutters or ditches cause storm water catch basins and culverts to stop up which also creates hazards and maintenance problems.
  • Tree limbs must not be more than four feet in length or four inches in diameter, and must be separated from yard rakings.

Holiday Schedule

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day

The Town does not provide any collection services on the above holidays. If your collection day falls on one of these holidays, your trash and recycling collection will be postponed to the following day and any subsequent collection day in the same week will also be postpone one (1) day. 

For example, Thanksgiving Day always falls on Thursday, so Thursday's collection would be on Friday and Friday's collection would be on Saturday. If you have any questions about the holiday schedule, please call us at 910-693-4183.

Trash and recycling collection is operated on a normal schedule for all other holidays.