Child Identification

The Southern Pines Police Department offers Child Identification Kits to children ages 3-12. The kit allows for collection of information, prints, photographs, and a DNA specimen. These items will help law enforcement personnel identify your child if he or she should become lost or reported missing.

All too often, children get lost or separated from their guardian, or a situation occurs where a contact is needed in case of emergency. Since children rarely carry ID cards or any form of identification and often have no place to carry emergency contact information, it can be difficult for emergency services or other responsible adults to contact a guardian in a time of need. 

The Southern Pines Police Department will provide – free of charge – two shoe lace ID tags for children up to 12 years of age. The purpose of the tag is to provide identification of your child and emergency contact information that can be securely carried in a way that will not impact the child’s normal routine.

The tag is designed to be tied securely onto a shoe lace and contains a picture of the child as well as information on whom to contact in case of an emergency. No personal information about the child is contained on the card.

It is an easy way for parents and guardians to have peace of mind that, if their child has lost their way or becomes separated during a group or family outing, a person they designate can be contacted.

Obtain a Tag
Child ID tags are made during community festivals and events. Simply bring the child to the event, fill out the Kids Corner Child ID Tag Form and present it to the police officer or staff member coordinating the event.  

A digital picture of the child will be taken and your designated contact information will be printed on a plastic card. Two small cards will be printed, which can be tied to a shoelace or other appropriate location.

Please Note
Once the card has been printed, the information will be deleted. The Southern Pines Police Department does not maintain a database of any information obtained through this project.