Adult Activities

Indoor Fitness Walking
16 years old and up
Location: Southern Pines Recreation Center
Date: Monday through Friday
Time: 5:30 a.m. - 6:30 a.m. Summer
Gym time is not held when school is out
Fee: $10 residents / $20 nonresidents through August
Recreation Center Building
Are your "muscles" gathering around your midsection? Does the back of your arm continue to flap when waving to guests long after they drive away? Do you avoid two-story buildings? Meet new people, have fun, sweat a little, and get in shape.

The weather is always great and you can move at your own speed while you:
  • Burn calories
  • Tone muscles, which will burn calories while at rest
  • Improve the condition of your heart, lungs, and muscles
  • Have fun